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How to use soft label - EAS security soft label

How to use soft label - EAS security soft label

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EAS soft label is an economical and easy anti-theft accessory for supermarket, cosmetic store, drug stores and so on. After customers’ payment, the cashier will “kill” EAS label by a deactivator on cashier desk. Both AM and RF label is available in Highlight. They are all CE/ ISO/ RoHS/ MSDS certificated.

1. AM LABEL with 58KHz frequency 

AM label is also called AM DR label. It can be disposable or reusable label.

The color can be barcode, white and black. 

Two packages for it: in sheet and in a roll. 

Operating distance is up to 1.6m for Dual EAS System.


Some special AM label for your reference:

a) Water-prove AM label 

b) Insertable AM Label 

c) AM label for lipstick 


2. RF label with 8.2MHz frequency 

RF label is with different sizes and designs, such as 40*40mm, 50*70mm, square/ round and so on.

RF label is packed in a roll. The paper core can be 42/ 45/76mm. The range between every label is 3mm. 

The color can be barcode, white, black and transparent. Thermal paper is available. Your logo can be also printed on it. 

RF label which can be used for frozen food is available in Highlight. Please note it is only used for thawing the food in microwave oven, not for heating food.


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