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How to use ink tag - EAS clothing ink tag

How to use ink tag - EAS clothing ink tag

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Ink tag is hung on the clothing/ bags/ shoes/ hats and other products as a stronger anti-theft way.  Force removal will release Ink and may cause injury clothing, so the goods can't be used nor sell again. Ink tag can protect the goods strongly. 


As a special tag, it has frequency AM or RF. Different shape is available. You can also print it as your need. The ink tube color can be green, red, yellow or any one you want.


If you already have EAS tags in your store and want a stronger security, ink pin is a good solution. Ink pin can be used together with different kinds of EAS tag, such as square tag, pencil tag and so on. Some ink pin has coil inside, so it can be used together with a simple locker as a whole solution. 


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