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How to use EAS lanyard - EAS security lanyard

How to use EAS lanyard - EAS security lanyard

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EAS Lanyard is an EAS accessory, which is used together with a hard tag or pin to protect merchandises, such as bags, leather jackets, and sports racquets and so on. The length of EAS lanyard can be 175mm or customized. The color of EAS lanyard can be white or black.

This is the bag, I will show you how to use it. And this is the solution for the belt.


Different design and material of EAS lanyard in Highlight. One pin and one loop, two loops and so on. This is one lanyard with lock, which is used together with jewelry tag.


Highlight lanyard is with high quality, we dissect one lanyard for your reference. You can see, 7 strands in each wick, 7 wicks in total.


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