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How to use coil and ferrite - EAS coil and ferrite

How to use coil and ferrite - EAS coil and ferrite

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EAS coil and ferrite is a main part for EAS hard tag. Different ferrites and coils are used for different style of security tags. For example, flat coil is used for square tag, coned coil is for golf tag, long ferrite is for pencil tag, and so on. Normally, EAS coil is with RF frequency, and EAS ferrite with AM frequency.

Different size, different shape, different design and different material of EAS coil and ferrite are available in Highlight. What’s more, customized coil and ferrite is available in Highlight, just let us know your requirement.

Big size means better detection, so if it is possible, please try to select a bigger tag, which with big coil and ferrite inside.


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