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How to protect packaged merchandise - EAS security spider wrap

How to protect packaged merchandise - EAS security spider wrap

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Spider Wrap

Having the products locked up in cages or showcase cabinets gave many shops a huge customer issue, which result in poor representation. Spider Wrap can help you solve that issue. The spider wrap has 4 air craft cable wires that envelope and cinch down tightly around packaged merchandise. It provides product security for a broad range of popular, high-valued merchandise. The adjustable cables secure packaging of all shapes and sizes, but still keep items accessible. If someone cut the cable, it will alarm.

The spider wrap can be 1, 2, 3 alarms ways as your requirement.

Different design, size spider wraps are available in Highlight.

Here recommend two new arrivals:

1. EAS Spider Wrap with Net – a more stronger spider warp, which is mainly used to protect commodities with big size or irregular shape, such as plush toy, milk cans, etc. The cable length can be 36cm, 50cm, 72cm. 2 alarms are available.

2. Milk can spider wrap are ideal for milk powder cans, sports equipment, and some power tools. It allows retailers to openly display high-priced, high-theft baby formula so customers can access and purchase with ease. At the same time, this milk can safer can also protect thief from drinking the milk.


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