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How to protect mobile phones, tablet PCs, cameras - display security stand

How to protect mobile phones, tablet PCs, cameras - display security stand

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Display and self-alarming series is a strong anti-theft way for electronic stores. 

Different products for different electronic goods, such as smart phone, pad, computer, camera and so on. Here we will show you some star goods:

1.Security alarm stand for phone. 

This device will alarm when

1) Remove the cell phone from sensor

2) Unplug or cut the sense cable

3) Remove or pry the holder on the bottom

4) Unplug or cut the cell phone charging cable

The remote control will release the alarm. What’s more, this one is with counting function. You will see how many customers pick up the goods on the blue screen. 

The cable for both Android and IOS system is available. 


2.Security alarm stand for pad.

Two sizes for your choice. Same alarm way as above.

If you want know more, contact us for details. Thanks. 


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