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How to protect bottle products - EAS bottle tag

How to protect bottle products - EAS bottle tag

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Highlight bottle tag provides secure anti-theft protection for a wide variety of bottled wine and spirits. Highlight supplies two kinds of EAS bottle solution: bottle tag and bottle cap.

Bottle tag features an adjustable multi-strand stainless-steel reinforced strap that attaches to assorted bottleneck sizes for a strong visual deterrent. Its small form factor does not interfere with brand promotion or product merchandising, while its intuitive design is quickly and easily applied and removed, helping improve in-store operations.

Highlight specially offers one model bottle tag with anti-burnt locker. The lock covering part of the lock is with metal material, which can prevent fire burning.

Bottle cap this innovative hard tag fits most bottleneck sizes to prevent theft, in-store consumption or bottle content transfer. Its slim, transparent design provides a strong visual deterrent without interfering with merchandising or brand promotion. Containing both an AM non-deactivate able label and RF ferrite technology, this hard tag is a desirable addition to any EAS pedestal system.


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