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How to deactivate EAS soft labels - EAS deactivator

How to deactivate EAS soft labels - EAS deactivator

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EAS Deactivator installed under or on the cash counter is designed to help retailers deactivate label efficiently and effectively. When deactivating the EAS labels, some is with sound and light, the other is not. As an accessory of EAS system, the frequency of deactivator should be same as the EAS system. 


One power with two pads deactivator and integrated deactivator are available in Highlight. 


Highlight deactivators’ advantages as below:

1. Phase Synchronous Port makes it compatible with many other AM systems.

2. Degaussing height of 8-10cm, complete demagnetization.

3. Over current and overvoltage protection makes long service life.

4. Custom designed high-voltage capacitor makes it more safe and reliable.


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